Private Equity Club and Its Employees Industry Research Paper

Please answer the following questions. Begin your response by restating the question. Provide credible sources and a works cited page for each question response. Use MLA or APA format and submit as a single work document.

  1. Servitude relationship exists between the members of a private equity club and its employees. Discuss what a servitude relationship is by giving at least (3) examples describing the relationship in terms of working for a private club.
  2. Sporting activities are central to a private equity clubs’ existence. Using one specific sporting activity, suggest at least (3) methods or ideas either managers or members can institute which will positively influence the ongoing participation by members in the sporting activity.
  3. The member committee structure is critical to how a private equity club operates. Pick any (2) committees and explain; (a) how the committee is formed, (b) what the committees’ purpose is, and (c) which types of members are likely to serve on the committee.
  4. The Game of Golf is facing several key issues which are leading to the decline of play in the United States. Explain what some of these key issues are and discuss (3) opportunities that could help to reverse this trend at a Private Golf & Country Club.
  5. Briefly define the following terminology as it applies to the private club industry segment:
      1. Triumvirate
      2. IRS code 501 C-7
      3. Burgee
      4. Chit
      5. Birdie
      6. Reciprocity
      7. CCM
      8. Food Minimum
      9. Ad Hoc Committee
      10. Governance
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