project discussion 3 paragraphs

This paper will discuss a student’s experiences in two aspects: individual research and experience in team work.

A full paragraph should be dedicated to a description of the project; what did you learn; what you wish you knew before you started the project; what really surprised you.

(I have attached a file here which has a list of all the things this project required, Please look at that to get info for description of the project)

A second paragraph should involve a description of individual and group work; then an evaluation of that experience should be added.

(is it asking for my individual and group work? If it means my work than please let me know and I will give you the information on what I worked on individually and with the group. Thanks!)

A third paragraph will describe the group experience in details: the cons and pros working in a group and some of actions taken for overcoming any constrains there. Add any recommendations on how this project can be organized in a better way for future classes. (I didn’t have any major issues working with my teammates. Everyone were very friendly, we had good communication (it’s an online class so all communication was done via texting or email) and we always tried to get our work done ahead of time.)

3 paragraphs in total, no less than 400 words

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