Project Performance and Completion Presentation

Tree Trimming Project.docx

Title: Tree Trimming Project Analysis Paper 

DUE: Monday Morning 17 August


In this assignment, students will demonstrate their knowledge understanding of techniques for controlling costs and schedule.


1.  Read the Tree Trimming Project case in Ch. 13 of Project Management. (ATTACHED)

2.  Write a 350- to 700-word paper that thoroughly answers the following questions based on the case study:

·  Is Will over, on, or below schedule? Explain.

·  Is Will using earned value? Explain.

·  How can Will set up a schedule and cost variance?

·  What method can Will use to control any changes in scope to the project, such as change in shape of shearing from his customers?

·  What alternatives are available to Will to accelerate the completion of the tree trimming project? 

Reference requirement(s)

·  Assignment must include direct quotations from course texts and may include direct quotes and paraphrases from any acceptable sources.

·  Citations and references must support your assertions, validate your claims, and give weight to your ideas. They are not to be used in lieu of your ideas or as a substitute for your own original work.  All citations and references must germane to, and compliment, your own words. 

·  The total amount of cited material may not exceed 20% of the assignment’s total content; 80% of the assignment must be original work.


·  Formatting must be consistent with APA requirements

Software requirements

·  Microsoft® Word® 2003/2007/2010/2013

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