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Unit 4.1 DB: Proper PPE

Taking the time and doing a job right is the goal of good professionals in any workplace. An aspect of this is having on hand and properly using PPE when and as needed. Choose an activity you are familiar with that, when performed correctly, requires the use of PPE, such as certain aspects of car maintenance, painting, roof work, shoveling, or other. Describe in detail the PPE and other safety measures that should be used when performing that activity. Have you always followed these ‘best practices’ and if not, why? What injuries could result if proper PPE and best practices are not followed?

When replying to classmates, thoroughly review their answers and see if you can find other aspects or safety measures that should be reasonably used. Remember to offer thoughtful and helpful comments and to respond to any critiques in a positive way or ask for clarification.

Machine Safety and Pressure Hazards

The videos are a bit long this week. Many of the videos are from OSHA training or professionals explaining OSHA rules. I try to find the best videos that demonstrate and explain the concept and sometimes these are just not short. Try to review all and extract the information as these will help demonstrate and provide useful applications for material from the textbook.

Watch VideoGrinder & Abrasive Wheel Gory Safety Training from

(7:16) User: – Added:11/30/13

YouTube URL:

Proper handling and safety measures are a must when using high powered equipment, or even low powered equipment, to keep you safe and with all of your limbs intact. Here is video showing proper technique for using a grinder and abrasive wheel. Yes, there are some gory pictures of incidents, but the pictures are respectfully shown only to demonstrate the importance of safety, not to be gory for the sake of it.

Watch VideoMachine Safeguarding

(19:59) User: oshasafetytraining –Added: 3/2/15

YouTube URL:

Any machine part, function, or process which many cause injury must be safeguarded. The hazards must be controlled or eliminated when the operation of a machine or accidental contact can injure the operator or others in the vicinity. This training video addresses the general requirements for machine safeguarding as mandated by OSHA. This video is a bit long, but covers a lot of the basics.

Watch VideoForklift Operator Safety Training

(17:54) User:oshasafetytraining – Added:2/24/12

YouTube URL:


OSHA estimates that tens of thousands of employees are injured or killed annually due to forklift accidents. This video provides a brief rundown of the training and important safety measures for operating forklifts, but is highly applicable to all vehicle operation in the workplace.

Watch VideoLockout Tagout: Control of Hazardous Energy

(14:53) User: oshasafetytraining – Added:2/24/12

YouTube URL:

During service and repair, the lockout tagout control of machines is essential to decrease the chances of injury or death. This video briefly describes the OSHA regulation and how to properly perform a lockout tagout process.

Watch VideoBasics of Compressed Gas Hazards

(3:31) User: mathesonwelding – Added:9/24/12

YouTube URL:

Compressed gases can be serious dangers. This video describes the specifics on proper handling. The science is covered more in the textbook, but the hands-on technique is well covered in this short video.

Watch VideoBoilers – Basic principles & Types

(17:47) User: IPOP SJC – Added:12/17/13

YouTube URL:

You read an entire chapter about pressure hazards. Here is a video that describes how a boiler works and the innate hazards. Boilers are an old technology that need respect. As you watch, imagine some scenarios where boiler operation could go awry and become a safety concern.

Falls, Other Hazards, and PPE

Watch VideoOSHA Hazards: Fall Protection

(11:28) User: n/a – Added: 2/25/13

YouTube URL:

A huge cause of fatalities on the job site is falls, especially in construction. This is a fun video that reviews the safety concerns and how OSHA requires you to protect yourself.

Watch VideoHealth and Safety Series: Respirators and Personal Protective Equipment

(12:31) User: n/a – Added: 1/3/11

YouTube URL:

OSHA requires PPE for many, many jobs and across many industries. Here is another WxTV video that describes full bodied PPE for weatherization workers and how to use and choose a respirator. There are many other good PPE videos out there, so take a look for OSHA training or similar sources for PPE for a specific purpose.

Watch VideoDon’t Fall For It!: Ladder Safety

(12:57) User:PublicResourceOrg – Added:10/4/10

YouTube URL:

Many of us out there have improperly set up and used a ladder. Falls are a large cause of construction injuries; this video describes the proper handling and safe use of a ladder. Please use safe handling in your own personal ladder use from now on.

Watch Video3 Ways to Save Your Knees – Knee Safety – Prevent Knee Pain

(3:24) User: Safety Memos – Added:7/15/14

YouTube URL:

Proper knee health is important to keep us mobile as we get older. Also, if walking is difficult, it makes our jobs much more difficult. Part of knee health is footwear. If we have improper footwear, we may be misaligning our knees and spines. Take a look at how you are taking care of your knees after watching this safety video.

Watch VideoBack Safety – The Low 5’s – Safety Training Video

(3:54) User: Safety Memos – Added:12/18/14

YouTube URL:

Almost everyone seems to have back issues nowadays. This safety video describes the basics of proper safety techniques for your lower back. Once hurt, the back can be very difficult to heal.

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