Psychological Disorder

Purpose of this assignment:

1. To become familiar with professional scholarly journals in psychology.

2. To become proficient in writing in APA style.

3. To gain more detailed knowledge about a specific psychological disorder.

4. To enhance critical thinking and writing skills.

Writing the paper:

  • Typed,      double-spaced, 12” font, 1” margins, and number each page.
  • Paper      should be at least 3 pages (excl. title and reference pages).
  • The paper must contain adequate paragraphs with      complete sentences and correct grammar.
  • Clearly      introduce your psychological disorder in the opening paragraph and the      reason that you chose this topic.
  • Then      subsequent paragraphs include information related to this topic, e.g.      symptoms of this disorder, prevalence of the disorder in the general      population, age this disorder can be diagnosed, possible treatments and      side-effects from the treatment/s, etc.
  • Follow      APA style when writing and citing references.
  • NO      Abstract page is needed for this assignment.

· Cite any reference sources!! Otherwise copying the information would be considered plagiarism. You must cite your sources both in the actual paper right after you have used the information as well as on the Reference page.

  • Separate      Title page (APA style).

· Separate Reference page (APA style) –  As you will have to research the psychological disorder that you chose, you will need to include a reference page containing at least five references from scholarly peer-reviewed journals.

· The paper must be uploaded into Canvas under Assignments and this will automatically process it through the plagiarism detection cite, Turnitin. This is the only method that the paper can be submitted!!

· See the grading rubric below for expectations.

Websites for information on APA style:

Ask me for help. I will be happy to assist you at any point in the process.

Grading Criteria:


Followed guidelines

10 points


Title page in APA style

10 points


Content – critical thinking; included   reason for selecting the disorder; researched the topic adequately; used   in-text citations of the sources of information;

40 points


Mechanics   – general writing skills, used adequate paragraphs; grammar, syntax,   spelling;

30 points


Reference   page in APA style:

At   least 5 references

10   points



100 points

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