Public Health Research Paper

Your paper needs headers. Use the exact ones described in the rubric. (1. Public Health Problem; 2. How to Solve the Public Health Problem; 3. Public Health in the Future). My topic is HIV.Make sure it is easy to tell the difference between your examples, so we know you are hitting the two required examples in every category. When discussing your opinion, clearly write “I believe/my opinion.”Quotations are not allowed. If you use a quotation, 10 points will be deducted EACH time. An example of a quote, TA Melissa said “Quotations are not allowed.”Follow the rubric: do not write under the page limit and do not write over the page limit. You are allowed to have more sources and it is ok if that part of the paper goes over.Sources: You need to have scholarly, peer-reviewed sources. Publications to the CDC, etc, although scientific, are not necessarily peer-reviewed. Same with the NIH study website. For NIH and other government funders, the studies that received grants need to publish summaries, but the methodology and the findings have not been scientifically reviewed. If you are unsure a source is scientific and peer-reviewed, google the journal. They will describe their process.Turnitin Policy:Your paper will be checked for plagiarism and similarity against other sources online through turnitin. Turnitn will highlight a section in your paper if it believes that it is too similar to other sources. This is the easiest way to lose points on this paper. If turnitin finds your paper to have a 1-5% match, no points will be deducted. If turnitin finds your paper to have a 6-10% match, 10 points will be deducted. Anything over and YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO ON THIS PAPER.Rubric and sample template is attached.

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