Question and answer on chosen artifact De Espanol, Y Negra Mulato by Francisco Clapera

1. identify chosen artifact: De Espanol, Y Negra Mulato by Francisco Clapera

2. describe the artifact in detail using any of the 5 senses

3. What are the elements of the artifact that you believe are most important to how you experience it? Does the choice of medium impact your experience?

4. state your opinion on what you believe is the purpose of this artifact and the success of the creator in achieving the purpose.

5. discuss how the artifact reflects the culture (or context) in which it exists. be sure to address what aspects of culture have relevance for this artifact: politics, history, religion, social perceptions, technology, media, education and so on. in other words, how do the artifact and its culture interelate

must be done in word document format

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