read and answer question 3

MRKT 1001 – Nike Case Study

  1. What do these shoes claim to do? Do they work? Explain your answer.
  2. How did Nike initially plan to position these shoes? How were the Nike Free’s initially launched? (pre-global campaign)
  3. What 1 word describes Nike’s global marketing campaign for these shoes? Explain each of the 3 steps Nike used to Market the Free’s.
  4. In your opinion, did Nike face any ethical issues in creating these shoes? If so, how is the company addressing these issues?
  5. Today – January, 2019, what stage of the Product Life Cycle is the Nike Free in? What does the Product Life Cycle Curve look like for this product? (You may need to look up what a product life cycle curve is.)
  6. Do the Nike Free’s fit the company’s mission & focus? Explain your answer.
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