reader s response for english 104 critical thinking emphasis on vietnam war

The paper should be a “what did I learn” reaction about all the material in the book and documentary. Use examples from the videos and texts in the lecture along with the documentary.

Then look up one event that happened between 1963 and 1975. You can do a google or youtube search or an academic search. It can be any event that you feel was important to mention.

Basically, tell me three things you learned from the material and then why you chose the one subject you looked up on your own.


MUST INCLUDE these three sources:


The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

Documentaries: – (Part 1) – (Part 2)


Grading Rubric:

– MLA Format

– Focused topic throughout writing.

– Writing is organized.

– Many supporting details from text.

– Writing contains your own ideas and thinking.

– Creative word choice.

– Writing has smooth sentences of different lengths.

– Writing contains few grammar, spelling, and mechanics errors

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