Reading Essay


First Essay Due:

At the end of this unit, students will create a reflective essay (no more than five pages) analyzing how folklore, myth, legend and/or fables intersect with critical terminology of Popular, Childhood, Children’s Literature, and Audience.  You should analyze each of these terms by defining the term, using an example of the term or analyzing the term with an example from a primary source (folklore, myth, legend or fable) and then reinforce your overall thesis in the concluding sentence of the body paragraph.  You should have four body paragraphs (one per term), with an introductory and concluding paragraph that includes an overall thesis for the  paper.

A rubric for assessment is attached.

Students are required to use MLA format for in-text citation and must include a Works Cited page.

This assignment asks students to engage in the following Student Learning Outcomes:

  1. The student will be able to produce substantive writings which draw on interdisciplinary, critical approaches applied to a vast array of primary sources.
  2. The student will be able to engage in research using contemporary research methods, including print and electronic technologies, as well as various modes of citation (MLA, Chicago Style, APA).
  3. The student will be able to analyze texts for claims, arguments, evidence, and style.
  4. The student will be able to read and interpret texts according to different critical frameworks, including historical and theoretical methodologies.
  5. The student will be able to synthesize life experience, class materials, and experiential learning (e.g., film screenings, conference attendance, community tutoring, etc.)
  6. The student will be able to enroll in course sequences sharing common literary and methodological texts studied from differing contexts.
  7. The student will demonstrate knowledge of major literary genres, subgenres, and periods (including major authors for given periods), as well as demonstrate a sound understanding of basic literary terms and categories.
  8. The student will demonstrate knowledge of 20th and 21st century literary theory and will analyze media through these various critical lenses.
  9. The student will demonstrate knowledge of World, British, American, and African American literatures.
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