Religion course World View Chart Indigenous Sacred Ways

This chapter is about INDIGENOUS SACRED WAYS

This is the template for your World View Chart. Use this template each week. You may continue with the same chart saved from week to week OR you may use a fresh chart each week.

Instructions for the World View Chart

1. Examine the chart template. READ the descriptions carefully. Answer the questions in your own words, with in-text citations to back up your ideas. A full reference list at the end of each weekly chart is required.

2. The WVC is NOT a place to just take notes or to cut and paste from your sources. It is a paper but in chart form. It is the basis from which you will write your final paper. The more detailed it is now, the less work you will have when you write your final assignment. Use full sentences with correct grammar, style, and spelling. is a free resource to help with writing. You should have a good sized paragraph for each category.

3. Use APA style for the in-text citations and the full references at the end of the chart. DO NOT use the word “text” instead of the full APA style reference. Also, you must use at least one other reference besides the text.

4. If there are two religions in a week, either make a paragraph for each in one chart, or you may do a separate chart for each one.

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