Religion Music questions

Please match the following concepts from Music and The ChurchA. declared acceptable by the Second Vatican CouncilB. activity of the peopleC. any communication to GodD. referred to as “the theology of worship”E. should be avoided in worshipF. musical witness of God’s WordG. restored Christian praise to its rightful place in the worship of the Disssenting Church of the early 18th centuryH. Taught that music can teach and preach spiritual truthI. one of the most divisive issues in the churchJ. focuses on the worship, attributes and acts of God the Father, anticipates the advent of ChristK. quotation, explanation, teaching and preachingL. New Testament passages celebrating the Lordship of ChristM. typically rehearse God’s acts of creation and redemption1. canticles2. hymns of Christ3. Isaac Watts4. Doxology5. Book of Psalms6. prayer7. proclamation8. performance9. Martin Luther10. musical style11. cantor or psalmist12. instruments13. liturgyThe three judgments for Catholic music are [removed] , [removed] , and [removed] , judgments.The three roles of music in the context of worship are [removed] , [removed] , and [removed] .Which TWO of the following are reasons Catholics sing?[removed] A. to be transformed by the body of Christ[removed] B. in response to the conversion experience[removed] C. to invoke sentimentalism[removed] D. to be doctrinally correctWhich TWO of the following are not sung in the Catholic liturgy?[removed] A. music intended for concert hall[removed] B. contemporary inspiration songs[removed] C. Gregorian chant[removed] D. dialoguesWhich TWO of the following are important to maturing followers of Christ?[removed] A. holiness[removed] B. revelation[removed] C. emotions[removed] D. the mind

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