Research Paper (1500 words)

In March 2018, a survey commissioned by Talking Point found that three in four teens in Singapore reported to have experienced cyberbullying. This survey’s results alarmed experts as it was a sharp increase from a previous 2014 survey which found that one in nine teens were affected by cyberbullying.

Assume you are a school counsellor working in a secondary school in Singapore. The school principal wants you to equip students with a scientifically sound method to combat cyberbullying incidents. In addition, the principal wants you to ensure that you can show evidence that the method works.

Design an appropriate study to assess the effectiveness of a cyberbullying intervention program in reducing cyberbullying incidences amongst secondary school students.

Prepare a detailed research proposal for your principal comprising the following sections to present your proposed study:

Your research proposal should include the following sections:

1. Introduction

2. Literature review and hypotheses development

3. Methodology

4. References

5. Appendices (optional)

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