research paper eating disorder anorexia nervosa

Required to submit a 3-4 page research paper (no less-no more).
The “works cited or reference” page does NOT count in the 3-4 page requirement.

Analyze and discuss in detail one psychological disorder listed in the DSM-V. Provide evidence and descriptive details in regards to DSM diagnosis (i.e. criteria and symptoms). Analyze, interpret, and discuss prevalence rates in regards to the disorder.
List the possible treatments available for the diagnosis, including biomedical and psychotherapeutic approaches. Identify and discuss all positive and/or negative physiological health effects of the disorder and/or treatment. Examine and discuss the social and/or cultural effects of mental health. Must use AT LEAST 4 official references. One reference MUST be the DSM-V

No unofficial online articles and/or websites allowed (Ex. Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo, WebMD, Mayoclinic, Quizlet,…basically no “.com” usage)

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