Researchers Think That Theory Of Mind Is Exclusively A Human Phenomenon. – Theory Of Mind

TOPIC: Some researchers think that theory of mind is exclusively a human phenomenon.  Other think that some animals (chimpanzees, dolphins) also possess a theory of mind.  Who is right and why?  (please note there is a lot of bad science on this topic – if you rely on the bad science, your paper will be poor as well.  So make sure your draw your research from peer-reviewed journals and Nowhere else).

Please write like you are a student taking this course not so many external links certified journals 

generate hypotheses, and, in general, apply psychological science. The task will be to take a position in a current debate in cognitive science. You will then have to support your position by drawing on the data that are available on the topic. The goal is to convince readers that the position you take is correct by presenting the relevant data on the topic.  Writing that both positions are correct will automatically result in a deduction of points.  Think of this as a “debate” in which your job is to argue one of the positions. This paper will require you to go beyond Matlin’s textbook. You will need to refer to journal articles, book chapters, and, if you must, websites. Each student must read journal articles for the paper. At least three journal articles must be referenced. If you use websites, you are responsible for any misinformation you get from the website (the best websites to use are those of the researchers themselves). Your view in the reaction paper must be supported by psychological science (including neuroscience, social psychology, neurobiology). Your feelings and impressions are not relevant in this paper (NO PRONOUNS) NO ( I ); rather it is scientific data that you must draw upon.

Choose arguments that support your position, and refute arguments that may support the other position. Y do both.approximately 1,000 words (about 3 pages)

BOOK LINK FREE just scroll down to pg 17 table of contents

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