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use at least 2 scholarly references. Keep in mind enthusiastic agreement and respectful disagreement with others in the class is expected.


I believe education is one of the key factors in presenting information on why people should avoid substance use or abuse. According to Inaba and Cohen (2014), helping to share knowledge and education will assist people in abstaining from drugs by building good decision making and coping skills. The gift of prevention through education is one that can be shared across all demographics and several age groups. It is also useful with those who recovering from previous drug abuse and addictions (p. 8.2).

This course has helped me develop strong time management skills, confidence, and re-affirmed I am working towards a goal to do what I love, which is helping people. Professionally, my empathy has grown. My greatest takeaway, is my ability to catch myself and do a self-assessment anytime I feel the need to judge someone or view someone else’s situation and say to myself how that could never be me. Before this course, I was not as privy to some of the information regarding why people become addicted and what substance use disorder does to them.

I believe in working closely with the community in which I work. My goal is to meet with local agencies to gain more information about the type of client they serve. will empower me with education and help me to plant in the community. It will be difficult to gain trust and respect from clients in the area if I am unfamiliar of that area’s helpful resources.

The church should be a place of refuge for people who have addictions. Clinton and Scalise (2013), indicate God created in each person a need for relationship and connection with others. The church is a great place for fellowship. One church in California created an addictions counseling program and gained great feedback from the community. They believe their success has been due to new ways to reach people. “Churches are competing with other things of the world, so churches today have to think outside the box” (Ricard, 2007, p. 1). The Holy Bible indicates man should not be alone. Therefore, more churches should open doors instead of closing them to those who need help.


Clinton, T., & Scalise, E. (2013). The quick-reference guide to addictions and recovery counseling: 40 topics, spiritual insights, and easy-to-use action steps. New York, NY: Baker Books.

Inaba, D. S., & Cohen, W. E. (2014). Uppers, downers, all arounders: Physical and mental effects of psychoactive drugs (8th. ed). Medford, OR: CNS Productions, Inc.

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