respond to the post below in one paragraph/ social health

For example, if you agree with someone ,’ then qualify your response with some indications that you have explored: HOW you mean this statement, some reasons WHY you think the way you do, WHY you (dis)agree, HOW such relations could be otherwise, and HOW/WHY such a vision might (or might not be) desirable. Often this is as simple as asking the question “for who?” would such a statement be true, and “according to what standard?”_______________________Eugenics “is the theory that the population should be “improved” through selective breeding and birth control” (Weitz, p. 314). Eugenics was not just used by the Nazis during the Second World War. It has been used in the United States to control undesirable populations. This included the mentally ill, people of color, immigrants, and even single mothers. “Federally-funded sterilization programs took place in 32 states throughout the 20th century” (Koa, 2016). At the time these people were commonly lower on the social ladder which meant they did not have the means to fight this kind of legislation. In the early nineteen hundreds a single mother would not have the same standing in society or the same rights as the men in power making the decisions. Minority groups also had no way to fight back against the mass sterilizations since these groups would tend to be kept uneducated and poverty stricken. Is there any way that something like eugenics can be used for good? Also, why was their so much deception used to perform the sterilizations if it was common practice? If reproductive justice is now a right for all isn’t the limiting of birth control such as abortion and contraception by states still allowing those on top have all the power?

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