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The roles of an I-O psychologists according to the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) include, testing of individuals within an organization which includes the testing of their skills, personality and even the way they treason, helping in the selection of employees during recruitment of human resource and help in offering insights on the best candidates who can be promoted at work, training of employees or an organizations personnel and help in their development at work through coaching and mentoring, and help in the analyzing of employees or recruitment candidates attitudes and motivation. (SIOP. 2018) An I-O Psychologist is the best adviser to organizations both non-governmental and governmental because of the understanding they have in the way in which the human brain works and how individuals can be of use to organizations.

Mr. C

According to the police candidate interpretive report, Mr. C who is 34 years old had some relatively minor juvenile problems in his background and after high school, it is revealed that he has been married and divorced three times. This happened when he was 18 years old. Later Mr. C enlisted himself in the military and he got deployed to Iraq twice. Mr. C has done construction jobs since his discharge and he has a clean record on job termination in his adulthood. (David, M. C., Ben-Porath, Y. S. 2013.)

Mr. C must have the marriage issues because he married at a young age and he was pre-mature for family responsibilities. This implies that at a young age he had visions of a matured adult, however, his childish attitudes then must have led to the divorce. Three marriages at age of 18 imply that he is optimistic. The juvenile problems he had in his childhood must have been because of the environment he might have grown in. His adulthood is quite promising after his military discharge. He is married at the moment.

Ms. D

Ms. D aged 25 according to the police candidate interpretive report has had conflicts among her family members and between her and her parents. This has been revealed by her background information but she did not approve of any of this allegations during her interview. She also denied her involvement in underage drinking during the interview although her background reveals that she was [laced on probation for alcohol abuse by her small religious college. (David, M. C., Ben-Porath, Y. S. 2013.)

Ms. C is not honest with the people she wants to hire her. She does not reveal any information by word of mouth and this makes her defensive and reticent of her behavior. She is also disrespectful to her parents because she has had conflicts with them which she also denied.

Conclusion and recommendations

In my conclusion based on the data presented in the MPPI2, I will recommend the hiring of Mr. C because he proves to be fit for the job. He has a clean job record and he is also physically fit for police training since he served in the military and he is also hard working. This means that if he gets the job he will still maintain it and keep disciplined standards the police force requires of its employees. Ms. D, on the other hand, is unfit for the job. This is because she is not transparent and she is disrespectful. She is disobedient to her parents and authority. Who knows what her real motives for joining the police are?


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