Response 2

For my main Question Post, I chose communication development in infancy. Within a child’s cognitive development language is used as a way to develop memory, problem solve make a decision and construct the thought process. As a psychology major with a concentration in child development, I find this topic to be very interesting.

Dr. Steven Pinker believes that langue is the fundamental window to the human mind, he states that language is the deciding factor between man and other species, for us language comes to us as part of a natural process. (Pinker, 2012)

Communication development in an infant is part of its cognitive development, this is where the child gains a better understanding of the world around them it includes but not limited to information processing, memory, intelligence, reasoning, and language development.

It was once believed that that infant did not have any ability to think or form a complex idea, until the learned language. Know we know that babies are fully aware of their surroundings and are exploring and actively learning about their world from birth. Bowen states that

Dr. Bowen states that babies from 0-3 months are aware of the sounds in their environment He goes on to say that they listen to all the sounds around them and first communicate through cooing, smiling and crying. (Bowen, 1998 )

I look forward to learning about language as it plays such a big part of an infant’s development. I believe it will help us continue to work with children with the varying disabilities.


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