response to a post

Response to the following with 150 Words, APA style:

Tolerate: Accept/retain – The school district I currently work for unfortunately took a risk by denying step increases and raises for the 2019-2020 school year. They claim to be prepared to lose teaching staff due to early retirement and teachers leaving for more favorable salaries in nearby districts. The Mayor, who is also the head of the Board of Education, in a news conference said “I would say to the teachers who are unhappy with the salaries that they should look at other districts.”

Treat: Control/reduce – Students are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that many of the security cameras in the building are not actually functioning. As the school year is coming to a close and students are aware they are not passing courses they are roaming the halls and stairwells and may be participating in less than desireable activities. The school is understaffed and the cameras would help in locating and identifying students who are not where they should be. If this is taken care of before the start of the next school year it would help keep the building under control.

Transfer: Insurance/contract – In many schools, when students act in a way that is particulalry agregious, students are placed into an alternative program within the same building. If at some point, the risks associated with keeping the student inhouse outweigh those of outplacement, the student may be transferred to a special school dealing with behavioral issues. If that is still not enough of a deterrant to protect others from risk the student might be expelled and receive homebound tutoring services.

Terminate: Avoid/eliminate – When we practice search and rescue drills with CT Canine Search and Rescue the leaders for each drill day have to consider the weather such as wind, precipitation and temperature, when considering wether or not to hold the practice or modify the event. Most practices are held in CT State parks or forests. Windy conditions often make it dangerous to be in the woods. Extreme heat or frigid temperatures will not only affect the humans but more importantly the dogs. Dogs have died from both extreme dehydration and hypothermia in the past. The choice to cancel training is critical when these risks are present.

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