rhetorical analysis 53

Choose one or more of the artifacts from the 1969-1970 MASC collection and write an analysis of the artifact(s), focusing on the argument(s) and rhetorical moves, using concepts and principles from the readings and class discussion to illustrate the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the argument(s) and rhetoric. You can find links to digital copies of the print artifacts and other artifacts for the MASC’s collection at WSU Student Unrest of the ’60s and ’70s. The artifact may be text, visual, or multimodal (i.e. it includes visuals and text). You are welcome to compare and contrast more than one artifact, but the use of more than three should be avoided. No sources besides the artifact(s) you choose to analyze are required, however you are welcome to use other sources if they contribute to your analysis. Your target audience should be the audience of a peer-reviewed journal who would like to know more about the rhetoric of the artifact(s). Your language and style should take into account how this audience may expect your analysis to be presented. Goals and expectations: 3-4 pages typed and double-spaced, with an appropriate heading and descriptive title.works cited/reference pages do not count toward the page requirement.Clear introduction of the artifact(s), and appropriate context to frame your approach.A specific thesis statement centered on the purpose and analysis you will conduct, which is followed through the entire essay.Clear and logical organization, including a strong introduction, conclusion, well-developed supporting paragraphs, and effective transitions.Use of specific, concrete details in each supporting paragraph which not only identify the specific points and supporting reasons and evidence you are analyzing, but which also provides sufficient analysis and interpretation to connect your reasons and evidence to your claims and thesis.A conclusion which not only restates your thesis but which also draws conclusions or makes a final point about your topic.Use of either MLA or APA documentation styles to document your sources, including the image(s) you choose to analyze.Drafts without a works cited/reference page will not be accepted.Revised drafts should demonstrate careful proofreading and revision, including but not limited to revising claims, support, organization, grammar, and sentence mechanics. Your draft must include a half-page to full-page Draft Reflection, in paragraph form, on: your goals for this essay,what you believe your audience will take away from your analysis,your draft’s strengths,your draft’s main areas for improvement,and your plan for revision. Drafts which do not have a Draft Reflection and which have not been submitted for peer evaluation will not be accepted and will not receive credit for submission. Our overall goal for this essay is to begin practicing the key skills we will use in future essays, including the establishment of claims, use of supporting examples, analysis of these examples to show how they support our claims, and the application of analysis to rhetoric. Note: All essays will be randomly checked for plagiarism, and writing samples from you will be kept to cross-check papers. Don’t take the chance—don’t plagiarize!

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