Rhino Foods Company Function and Employee Morale Case Study Discussion


I uploaded file example please follow the example . also I want the 2 pages single spaced please.

This case MUST be related to the student’s concentration(s) and MUST be from “personal” business-related experience. “Business-related” does not mean it has to come from paid experience. This experience could be from an unpaid internship of volunteer experience if necessary. Also, while recommended, the student does not need to experience it personally in order for it to count as “personal”. It can be a strategic dilemma that they were indirectly involved with or learned about from someone who was directly involved. If a student has such a lack of business-related experience in their concentration that they cannot come up with a case scenario, they would be allowed to interview anyone from their field/concentration in order to get enough details to complete the assignment.

The details of how to write up a teaching case will be provided as a separate document and an example will be provided, but the teaching case must be formatted as a single-spaced Word file, between 2-3 pages in length, with 12-point Times New Roman font. It must have a title, and all identifying information (names, company names, etc.) must be changed to generic labels (anything appropriate which will help to guide the reader as to who is who or what is what, but still maintaining confidentiality of the actual people involved). This case may be shared in and outside of class so topics should be chosen accordingly. Do not chose something which cannot be shared or published in public.

The point of the teaching case is to setup a scenario (background information, current circumstances, etc.), then provide multiple strategic options for the reader to consider. The reader must have enough detail to do some basic analyses in order to determine the best possible course of action, but the case does not recommend any specific strategy. The choices provided to the reader should be somewhat reasonable so that the decision the reader has to make is uncertain and difficult. Again, refer to the instructions provided on how to write a teaching case. While it is short, this is more difficult than most students think because it is always harder to be able to teach something than just to know the answer.

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