Sacred land Reader

In the Sacred Land Reader, read:

  • When Every Place Is Sacred by Christopher McLeod (Foreword)
  • Sacred Lands and Religious Freedom by Vine Deloria Jr. (Introduction)

WRITE: A one-paragraph summary about the foreword. List five things you learned from reading the foreword.

Answer the following questions regarding Deloria’s article (Introduction):

  1. What is the American Indian Religious Freedom Act?
  1. How successful has it been?
  1. What’s the Lyng case about and what was the Supreme Court’s ruling?
  1. How did the Court’s ruling treat ceremonies and rituals that have been performed for thousands of years?
  1. Summarize Justice Brennan’s dissent in the Lyng case.
  1. What are the two contradictory responses that seem to describe non-Indian attitudes toward traditional tribal religions?
  1. What does neither perspective understand?
  1. How do Indian and non-Indian communities pass on knowledge?
  1. Acknowledging that analyzing & categorizing sacredness is convenient for discussion, but does not reflect reality, what types of sacred lands does Deloria describe? Explain each a bit.
  2. State what federal courts, scholars, and state & federal agencies refuse, demand, and impose.
  1. What is the major crisis that exists in Indian Country today because of the Lyng decision?
  1. What does Deloria say all people should become involved in?
  1. What are present legal remedies for Indian religious practitioners?
  1. List and briefly summarize the threatened sacred sites.
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