School Counseling Scenario: Using Feminist And Social Justice Theories

For this Assignment, read and select one of the following scenarios:

Scenario 1:

Lena is a 15-year-old student of Arabic descent who has come in to see you as a required component of her incoming freshman orientation. She is prepared to discuss her academic goals and her post-high school aspirations. She tends to talk more about what others expect of her, as compared to what she desires for herself. In talking with her more, she expresses that she would like to pursue a teaching degree in early childhood education, but her parents expect her to pursue another career path that is more consistent with others in her family. Her teachers characterize her as a “pleaser” who goes out of her way to seek others’ approval and who rarely asserts herself. When asked, she reports that she has never shared her personal dreams with her family for fear that it would displease them. She admits that she sometimes feels conflicted between what others want for her and what she wants for herself.

Scenario 2:

The high school boys’ basketball coach stops in your office to discuss concerns about Joe, a junior in high school and a starting athlete on the team. He discusses his awareness around Joe’s slipping grades and indicates concern that he will have to sit out the upcoming game unless he can pull up his chemistry grade. Joe identifies as biracial and comes from a single-parent home. He indicates that finding time to study is difficult while balancing basketball with a part-time job he maintains on weekends to help out his family. He shares that he “hates chemistry,” “shouldn’t have to take such a hard class,” and is uncomfortable asking the teacher for help. He is worried that if he fails the next chemistry exam he will be kicked off the basketball team. He expresses anger and frustration, and he states that it “doesn’t seem fair.”

Review the learning resources. Think about how either a feminist, empowerment, or family theoretical approach can be applied to support the student in the scenario.

In a 2- to 3-page paper (APA), analyze a scenario using a feminist, empowerment, or family theoretical approach. You may choose only one theory and you must justify your choice. Be sure to include the following:

  • The theory you chose and why. Be sure to discuss how you conceptualize/ explain the student’s issues using theoretical components.
  • The considerations that need to be taken into account from a developmental and/or cultural perspective.
  • The overall counseling goal with the student, from your chosen theoretical perspective.
  • The specific strategies and/or techniques you would use with the student based upon your chosen theoretical approach. You should note at least two interventions from the chosen theoretical perspective.
  • The strengths and limitations to using this approach with the student in a school setting.
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