Security of The Nation and Management of Lawful Immigration Efforts Paper

Please see the below the 3 questions that I would like to have answered. 1200+ word count/ 3 scholarly sources one sources per paper. **NO PLAGIARISM WHATSOEVER**

1. How is the management of lawful immigration efforts related to the security of the nation? How could people harm the country or its citizens by misusing the lawful immigration mechanisms?

2. Should all intelligence-related activity be coordinated by one federal agency, such as the Office of the Director of National Intelligence? Pros/Cons? Or should intelligence activities be distributed?

3.Should the Department of Homeland Security be leading the cybersecurity initiative? If so why? If not, which agency is best situated to lead these efforts?

Course Material to answer these questions are below:

Recommendations from 9/11…

Schneier Essays on Aviation security

**Links to additional reading material:

Schneier Essays on aviation security policy from “Unsafe security” to “Is aviation security mostly for show”
Patriot Act Summary:

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