Self assessment of meeting student learning outcome

Final Assignment Due Apr 28th at 11:45PMIt is important that students are able to articulate how they achieved the Student Learning Outcomes for courses in which they are enrolled.  The purpose of the final in the course is to give the opportunity for students to provide evidence of their learning during the semester.Choose two of the six course learning outcomes (numbered).  All students also answer the final question.For each section, write a 300 word response,addressing the questions related to the selected learning outcomes,. You response to the final questions must also be a minimum of 300 words. The assignment should be a minimum of 900 words total. The narrative response to the questions should be specific and include examples whenever possible.  Cite work for which you were not the original author.Respond to the SLOs and final question in one, single spaced document.  You may use your book, the course material, or any legitimate resources to answer the questions.  The final paper is to be uploaded to the MyCourses site.The student will:  (select two)1. explore the multiple dimensions of health and wellness.a. What are the dimensions of health and wellness?b. Why are they important to individuals?c. Why are they important to society?d. What impact can you, as an individual, have on each dimension?2. develop a personal goal for health and wellness.a. How does establishing a personal goal motivate an individual to improve their health?b. How can an individual determine if their goal is realistic or achievable?c. In addition to a goal, what other factors should be considered?d. How can goals be established for communities or populations?3. evaluate strategies leading to health and wellness.a. How does an individual select strategy?b. Is it more important to have one strategy or multiple strategies?  Why?c. What resources can an individual use to evaluate strategies?d. Can all individuals use the same strategies?  Why or why not?4. implement strategies toward one dimension of  improved health and wellness.a. How does an individual target a particular dimension?b. What type of resources does an individual need to consider when implementing strategies?  (i.e. if the person is going to run for exercise, they need a safe location to run.  The resource may be a greenway.)c. Explore your attempt to implement a strategy toward improving your health during this course.  Were you successful?  Why or Why not?d. If you choose to continue to implement your health improvement strategy, what will you do differently?5. explore how personal decisions for health and wellness may impact society.a. Provide your perspective on the definition of society?b. Explain how the actions of one individual can impact society?c. In what way(s) can the actions of society impact an individual?d. What must society do to create a healthier population?6. reflect on outcomes and challenges during the beginning of their personal journey toward health and wellness.a. Explain the outcomes of your journey to improve your health during this course.b. Explain the challenges you face in attempting to improve your health during this course.c. Would you consider this the beginning, middle, or end of your journey toward improving your health?  Why?Final question (all students answer):  In reflecting on what you learned in this course,a. What will you take forth from this course to encourage others to improve their health?b. Why is it important to focus on others in addition to yourself?c. What tools or skills have you gained that will make a difference if you encourage others?Rubric0 – 56 – 1011 – 1516 – 20Does not respond to full question.  Responds with lists; little or no narrative or citation.  Does not provide examples.Responds to most elements of questions; minimal citation and minimal supporting narrative. Provides minimal examples.Addresses all elements with narrative and citation based primarily on course material.  Provides supporting examples to clarify key elements.Addresses all elements of the question with supportive narrative, including examples. Cites course and outside material.

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