short essay is crime beneficial to society

In week 1 you were assigned an excerpt from Durkheim’s “The Rules of Sociological Method”. That excerpt, “The Normal and the Pathological” is a seminal work in the history of social science as it makes the argument that crime is, essentially, necessary to a properly functioning society. In 1993 U.S. Senator Moynihan authored an article where he strongly makes the counter argument.

In no more than 750 words you must take a side. You must make an argument that crime is either beneficial to society or it is not.

To justify your argument you must incorporate the concepts or ideas that are made by Durkheim and Moynihan (attached). You are not to go into any other publication or simply rely on your personal anecdotal experience. In part, this is an exercise in critical thinking and evaluation of the arguments of others whereby you will then craft your own response.

A few additional points:


2) DO NOT SIMPLY rely on Moynihan’s interpretation of Durkheim as he twists some of Durkheim’s ideas to fit his own views. Read the Durkheim excerpt.

3) Any time you make a reference to either Durkheim or Moynihan’s ideas please cite it with the page number from the reading supplied.

4) APA Format

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