Short Paper: Evaluating Nonverbal Communication

Watch a television sitcom. It needs to be a scripted comedy. You will need the ability to watch it multiple times, so consider recording it or viewing it on the internet (Netflix, YouTube,, other websites). If you are unfamiliar with television sitcoms, consider watching an episode of one of the following for this exercise (all listed are shown on prime time TV, channels ABC, CBS, NBC, or Fox).

Watch a three-minute scene from the sitcom without sound. Take note of nonverbal elements of one of the characters. Now watch that same scene with the sound. Take note of what you learn about the character from his or her voice and body language combined.

What show did you watch? What did you find easy to understand, and what presented a challenge in regard to the character’s communication? What did you miss when the sound was not on? Can you understand the person’s feelings just by watching his or her nonverbal communication? Explain.

What does this exercise teach us about “real” life communication? 

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