Small Group Communication

MODULE 3PART ATOPIC: NONVERBAL LANGUAGENonverbal language can sometimes be even more powerful than the verbal language of a person. Have you ever been listening to a speaker making positive comments but shaking their head no? What does this tell the listener about the speaker’s message? Does the speaker believe what they are saying? This assignment will give you an opportunity to determine what a person’s nonverbal language might be saying about them within the context of their office environment.Visit someone’s office? a professor, a professional person? and observe the office carefully.Create a 250-500-word verbal sketch of the room’s layout. (This could be a bullet list, table, or any creative way of presenting the sketch of the room).1. Notice the placement of the desk to the door.2. Notice the placement of artifacts such as photos, paintings, tools, paper, and equipment.3. Notice the general tidiness of the room.4. Notice the choice of colors and textures and the kinds and quality of objects in the room.5. Notice whether there is a view.6. Notice the size of the room and the amount and kind of lighting in the room.Write a 500-750-word paper to discuss the nonverbal language presented in the office. Include the following:1. What conclusions can you draw about this person, based on your perception of their office?2. Support your perceptions with information gleaned from your reading.You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. Refer to the LopesWrite Technical Support articles for assistance.PART BPLEASE SEE THE ATTACHMENTCLC – Selecting a Scholarship RecipientThis is a Collaborative Learning Community assignment.You are a member of a special awards committee at Grand Canyon University. A special trust fund has been established by an anonymous donor to award one full-tuition scholarship to a person who has a demonstrated need for financial assistance, has a reasonable expectation of success as a student, and is unlikely to attend college if not granted some form of aid.Use the file titled Selecting a Scholarship Recipient to complete the following:1. In the CLC Discussion Forum, present how you individually ranked the applicants in order from 1-4, with 1 being the lowest and 4 the highest.2. Provide a two-to-three-sentence justification for why you ranked the applicants this way.3. Again, using your CLC group discussion forum, discuss the reasons for each applicant’s ranking.4. Come to a group consensus as to the ranking of the applicants.

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