Social Media and Social Intelligence

class is business organizational behavior.

In the lecture notes for chapter 1, you saw a video of Daniel Goleman discussing emotional intelligence. For this assignment, watch the 2:36 video clip below in which Goleman ponders the implications of communication technology on the development of emotional intelligence (EQ). He says that EQ can only be fully developed via face-to-face communication.


(Look just below the video for a link to a transcript of the video if you normally use closed captioning to assist with your understanding the video. Close captioning is not available on this video)

After you have watched the video clip, make an initial posting in the discussion area providing your thoughts on the following questions:

  1. Most of you have quite a lot of experience communicating via social media, texting, and email. What are your feelings (agreement or disagreement) on any of the points Dr. Goleman raises about the potential negative effects of communication technology on EQ?
  2. What experiences do you have, or what situations do you know of, that would lead you to believe or disbelieve some of the author’s ideas?
  3. You can also bring into the discussion any material you feel appropriate from the links to videos and articles provided in the chapter 4 lecture notes on communication and technology.

Length Requirements

The length of your original posting should be equivalent to at least 1 double-spaced page of writing with 1” margins and Times Roman 12 point font.

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