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The IT team gets blame for almost anything that goes awry in an organization; particularly if it something that is closely related under their purview of duties.  The rumor is that IT personnel think that everyone is clueless about technology. With that in mind; a distant gap is created that separates the IT personnel from the rest of a company.  Many years ago this would not have such a big impact on a company as it does today.  Organizations need to have unit cohesion in order to survive.

Changes are always hard to implement especially when no one understands/ sees the vision or the benefits to the changes.  It is unfortunate that when the CISOs make a change its impact permeates throughout the whole organization and most of the times it is not well received. Changing the social media policy for Red Clay Renovations (RCR) will curtail the employees to some freedom they once enjoyed before but the change is necessary to protect both RCR and its employees. The policy focus is on communication guidelines in social media, employees’ behavior on line and the correlation of social media effect on production at work


  Employees of RCR can openly communicate about their work in social media in their leisure time while off duty.  When an employee of RCR is conducting business on the internet please identify yourself and your position in the company.  Don’t be the spoke person for the company if you are not and if you choose to be make it clear that you are speaking for yourself not for RCR.  Don’t use company email for personal social media matters (hirerabbit, 2013)

  While the employees have their freedom of freedom to express themselves freely, it is forbidden by RCR policy for any employee to disclose trade secrets, PII data of the company.  Employees must maintain the confidentiality of the company. “Inappropriate postings that may include discriminatory remarks, harassment, and threats of violence or similar inappropriate or unlawful conduct will not be tolerated and may subject you to disciplinary action up to and including termination” (SHRM, 2012).  Distributing of RCR policies and email is a violation of the social media policy.  Internal websites are for RCR internal use only and no employees shall publish the web link or make it available to any non RCR employee.

  RCR monitors all its network traffic to include employees who are using BYOD, so when it comes time to evaluation the company will track every employee’s traffic on the web to see how much was spent on social media.  Time spends on social media equal loss of profit for RCR. Facebook users on average spend 10.5 billion minutes per day (labordish, 2014).


Employees and employers have to do their due diligence to develop and implement a successful social media policy.  The organization need to create a culture that foster transparency, and respect the opinions of others.  Employers shall make available legal guidelines for employees who are involve in blogging.  Ensure that employees are aware of what information is appropriate or inappropriate to disclose.  Don’t publicize information that not based on facts.


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