social policy

Social Security Essay*** Remember social security is also called,social welfare,income maintenanceandsocial protectionEssay Title:Discuss the key characteristics and evolution of the Irish social security system. (1750 words).Answers should allude to:a) The history of social security in Ireland (500 words approx)b) The 5 different types of social security as discussed by Dukelow and Considine (2017) – 1. Social insurance; 2. Social Assistance; 3.Universal payments; 4. Fiscal welfare; 5. Occupational welfare (1000 words approx)c) How social security is relevant to the work of a social care worker (250 words approx)The amount of words you give to the different sections is up to yourself – you may choose to give more or less to each – you just have to end up with around 1750.***YOU MAY ONLY USE THE FOLLOWING 3 SOURCES.They are all on moodle.Dukelow F. and Considine M. (2017) Irish Social Policy: A critical introduction. 2nd Ed. Policy Press. (this will be useful for both the history section and the 5 types of social security payments)McCashin, A. (2005) ‘Historical development of the Irish system of social security’, in Social Security in Ireland. Gill: Dublin (this will be useful for the history section)Murphy K. (2020) ‘The Big Four and Social Care’ (section on Income Maintenance). Lecture Notes. TUDublin, 2020. (this will be useful for the relevance to social care work section – remember social security is the same as income maintenance)DUE DATE:23  April 2020. Electronic copy only to be u

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