Sociology paper Experietial assignemnet

Experiential Assignment #1Sex,Gender,and SocietyInvite a group of your friends to watch a movie. Be prepared with a list of gender related questions you would like to discuss with them. Choose a movie (some suggestions below) that represents parting (whether high school,college, or post-college). How consistent with your experience of partying is this representation? Take notes on your own gender perceptions of the movie as well as those of your frends, and do in depth interviews with two of your friends about their perceptions of gender and partying. Write an essay using a critical gender perspective (the conceptual framework fot he class), including at least these items: What is the relationship between gender and partying, what kind of gender roles can be observed at a party, identity and sexuality and at least two citations, no more than one from the text book. 3-5 pages.Use the Hangover part 1 as the movie.Attatched here are questions I used for as per directions about asking friends about hte movie and gender. if possible relate these questions/answersHow do the men in the hangover “police” eachothers gender? How far do they go in policing eachothers gender?Krista: The guys police Stu’s gender often by giving him a hard time about keeping tabs with his wife. Stu often is calling his wife and lying to cover for himself and the rest of the guys give him a hard time for it.Matt: Yeah I was going to say that when the police stun stu he gets pretty emotional about it and calls it police brutality while phil says who cares they let us get away.Krista: they go pretty far to police eachothers gender by encouraging pretty crazy behaviors.Matt: They give phil a hard time about allowing his wife to have an affair because she was wasted but he can’t tell his wife he is going to vegasWhat are some examples of privledge in the hangover?Krista: Some examples of privledge in the hangover are allans family, how he is a special person but his family is rich and wealthy so he has the privledge of doing things that most people don’t.What are some stereotypical ways that women are portrayed? What are some stereotypical ways men are portrayed?krista: its stereotypical that they had the women as a hotel receptionist, and as the prostitue that stu married.Matt: its also stereotypical that they portrayed the men as gross for example when allan eats the sofa pizza and stu who is portrayed as the more feminine of the group is grossed out by it.

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