Sociology Topic 2 Culture, Society, Socialzation, and the Life Cycle

Objectives:After completing this chapter you will be able to:Know what a culture consists of and how it differs from society.Learn how societies have changed over time.Recognize the effect of globalization on your own life.Learn about the most important agents of socialization.Learn the stages of the life course.Materials:Read: Chapters 3 and 4Assignments:Term Paper TopicIdentify a topic for your term paper. This assignment is worth 10 points.For this assignment you will need to submit a Word document to the drop box that includes the following:Properly formatted title pageA one page description of the topic that includesTopic descriptionYour reasons for selecting this topicThe theoretical perspective from which you will approach this topic and your reasons for selecting this perspectiveProperly formatted reference page to include 2 references to outside sourcesAPA guidelines are requiredTerm Paper Topic SubmissionAssignmentAssessments:Chapters 3 & 4 Quiz

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