strongman v traditional resistance training


Here is an example of the proper form for your journal article review.It should be two-three pages long, typed, double spaced.This goes at the top of page one; don’t bother with a cover page:

Your Name

PE 301Date


Author(s).(year of publication). Article title.Journal name, volume, number, pages.


Wood, D.(2003).Effect of child and family poverty on child health in the United States.Pediatrics Sep2003 Supplement, Vol 112, 3, 707-712

First, summarize the article.

The subject of this article is to review the literature on the effects of poverty on children in the United States, including economic, ecologic and family influences.Poverty is defined as “a condition of misery, hopelessness and dependency.” (Heclo, cited in Wood, 2003).This article examines previous writings and attempts to develop an understanding of the role the state of poverty could play in the development of the child.

Next, explain and critique the methods use and/or the findings presented.

The author selected research articles and other writings from the field for review and analysis.His methods were thorough.His intent was to integrate the findings that had already been reported into a single article that could be the starting point for future research.Wood found that…………

And finally, offer your opinion on the value of the study.

Will this study further our knowledge base or the goals of exercise science, i.e., to describe, explain, predict and influence behavior? What does it add to our knowledge of human performance?

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