summary and response eaasy

Assignment Description

For this essay, you should read the articles from Unit 4 and choose one to respond to in a formal essay. The summary/response essay asks you first to summarize the main points of the article and then to respond to those points by agreeing or disagreeing, or both, with ideas in the article. You should include evidence to support your response. You must follow the format as shown in the sample summary/response provided in this unit.

The summary is the most challenging part of this assignment. Study the material in the folder “Sample Summary Project.” Note that in this part of the essay, you follow the order of the original article and DO NOT include any of your own ideas or responses. In the response paragraph, you react to the ideas in the article, based on your own experiences, beliefs, ideas you have come across in your reading, etc.

Purpose and Learning Objectives

The purpose of writing a response paper is to encourage you to read actively and to evaluate the selected articles critically. While it is possible to read an article just once and gain an understanding of the main idea, much of the depth and nuance of the article will only be discovered after multiple readings. Moreover, your grasp of the ideas and concepts presented in the article will remain superficial until you apply those ideas and concepts in your own writing. As you write, you should practice making clear claims about the material you’re writing about and should practice supporting those claims with evidence from the text and from your own reasoning about the subject.

Minimum Requirements

  • 500-750 words (plus work cited page)
  • A descriptive title
  • MLA8 format and work cited page
  • An introductory paragraph that tells readers what article you are responding to and that includes a thesis statement
  • One or more paragraphs that summarize the article
  • One or more paragraphs that respond to the article
  • A conclusion paragraph that wraps up the main ideas in the essay

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