Swot analysis

Dear Class,

I just wanted to highlight a few things that will hopefully help you as you complete the SWOT analysis for primary article A. Please do be sure you are using primary article A. Refer back to the steps and techniques you during weeks 1 and 2 in order to read primary article A . Do not attempt to complete the SWOT analysis without first thoroughly reading the article.

1. Just in case you did not already find it, please pay especially close attention to the following link which is found within the SWOT analysis link under the Course Content for Week 3:

http://www.whatmakesagoodleader.com/Strategic-Planning.html Scroll down to the section on SWOT Analysis.

This link will describe each of the components of the SWOT analysis.

2. The “Eureka!” moment being referred to in this assignment is that aspect (materials, methods, results, conclusion, etc.) of the primary scientific article that you feel could lead to a new product, a new service, or new research. BE CREATIVE. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. There is no wrong or right answer – you just need to be able to support your Eureka! moment with further research. Do not conduct a SWOT analysis on what is already presented in the article – you must come up with your own innovation.

3. Please follow the directions and paper format provided for the SWOT Analysis Assignment to produce the responses for the SWOT analysis. Please be sure to embed the chart provided to list the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for your innovation.

4. Since there are many areas of this assignment which call for other resources, be sure to use in-text references throughout your paper. Review the standards for APA-citations for the proper manner in which to cite in-text references as well as end references.

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