System Analysis and Design

Mayberry Telephone and Telegraph Co. (d.b.a. Mayberry Bell) is being sold by its parent, North Carolina Feed and Grain Supply, Inc. and is being acquiring by Verizon Communications. The old, black candlestick phones are to be replaced by sleek, modern touch-tone units in a variety of styles and colors. The lone Mayberry employee, Sarah the switchboard operator, is being offered a choice of other positions within the company. She has already rejected a position as a lineman saying, “I ain’t gonna climb up those utility poles in an ice storm!” She has also rejected a retirement package saying that at age 114 she “still has a few good years left.” She is intrigued by an offer of a position with the company’s billing office in Raleigh as that would allow her to move closer to her elder sister, Bertha.

ESSAY: Discuss the possible resistance to change that Verizon may encounter in Mayberry, both from customers and employee. What steps can Verizon take to mitigate the resistance problem? What tactics can Verizon take to insure a smooth conversion in Mayberry? What does a systems analyst need to know about organizational change? How does resistance to change present risks to the successful implementation of a new software system?

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