The Blue Apron Company analysis


Visitthe Blue Apron Website: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram pages. Search for Blue Apron on Google.

Viewthe Video Series From Idea to Business: Build a Business Model Canvas… detailed tutorial and examples of how to complete a Business Model Canvas.

Do additional research as needed – Be sure to cite all sources using in text citations where appropriate as well as including a comprehensive reference section.

Go to create a free account and construct a “Business Model Canvas” for Blue Apron based on your research into the company.

Analysis Format and Questions

Write up your analysis (5-6 pages + references) based on your business model canvas and additional research. The analysis should be written in an informational business format in the third person with minimum grammatical errors. You do not need to include an abstract, but the reference section and in text citations should cite all sources in APA format. Your analysis should include the bolded sections below as well as discuss, analyze and answer all the questions noted for each section thoroughly and completely. Grading will be based on your research as well as your organization and critical thinking skills.


Brief description and history of Blue Apron including its vision and mission.

Business Model Analysis

Discuss and analyze the company’s customer value proposition and current overall strategy. What is the business model? Who are the target customer segments? What sales channels do they use? What customer relationships are in play? What are the key activities of the business? What key resources are required? What key partners did you discover? What are the major cost drivers? What are the revenue streams? What is the company’s overall strategy?

E-Commerce Marketing Strategy Analysis

Discuss and analyze the company’s e-commerce presence including their website and all advertising and social media channels. How is the company using basic digital commerce marketing and advertising strategies and tools such as: search engine marketing, display ads, email marketing, lead generation marketing, one-to-one marketing, affiliate marketing, blogs and social marketing (blogs and social networks) in its marketing strategy to reach its target customers? Provide at least one specific example of Blue Apron’s e-commerce marketing strategy with supporting evidence.


Cite all resources including the ones given as in-text citations where appropriate and in a separate reference section. References should be cited in APA format. Be sure to include a readable link of your completed Canvanizer business model canvas in your reference section.

E-mail your completed analysis to the professor by midnight March 9. Be sure to include a readable link of your completed Canvanizer business model in your submission.

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