The effects of bullying due to socioeconomic status

By the end of this course, all enrolled students will have to present a proposal for a research project of interest. The proposed research may use any of the research strategies to be discussed in the course and in your textbook to address the research question. This proposal assignment will also require the submission of a certificate of completion of a course in ethics and an IRB application form that deals with the anticipated ethical issues to be encountered in the research project. Students may earn points for submission of their draft proposals to the instructor for reviews and comments.

The minimum number of pages required for the proposal would be 18pages for individuals who elect to complete this project by themselves, or 35 pages for a group of students. Groups may be composed of any number, but are not permitted to exceed 6 individuals. Please note that no student is required to join a group, and those who elect to work in a group are not permitted to dissolve it, or remove themselves from the group after it has been formed and approved by the instructor.Those electing to complete the project by themselves are to use no less than 18 peer-reviewed reference articles for the proposal project. Individuals electing to work in a group are required to use no less than 35 peer-reviewed reference articles for the proposal project. The proposal(whether by individuals or groups) must also use and cite the peer reviewed articles in the preparation of the literature review and justification for the proposed study. The reference section of the proposal must also cite all the articles used for its preparation. The 18 or 35 peer reviewed articles are the minimum to be used. That means, students may use more than 18or 35 articles respectively for their proposal. All proposals must be written in accordance with the APA guidelines, and should be careful not to plagiarize. Proposals will be assessed for plagiarism with Turnitin. Students will be required to submit copies of their proposals to the software in Canvas by the deadline stated below. No final submission should exceed 15% on the Turnitin originality report. Proposals that fail to meet the allowable originality report will be deemed as having plagiarized material. Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty, and research proposals that contain plagiarized material will not be graded. A hardcopy of the proposal, and the completed IRB form must be submitted to the instructor by Noon of May 2, 2019.

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