the maze of moral relativism quot

Read Boghossian, P. (July 24, 2011). “The Maze of Moral Relativism”, located at The New York Times Website at….

“Customs, Relativism, and Morality” Please respond to the following: Debate It: After reading the first four assigned essays, take a position for or against this statement: All morality is relative. Therefore, the United States government has no right to condemn the beliefs and practices of other countries and cultures. Provide at least three reasons or examples to support your view.

Respond to these questions: Is the relativist position presented by the author relativist or absolutist? Do you agree or disagree with the author’s position? Provide at least two reasons or examples to support your view.

“Cultural Relativism and Human Rights” Please respond to the following: In King’s speech, he claimed: “America has defaulted on this promissory note insofar as her citizens of color are concerned.” Then proclaimed: “So we have come to cash this check…” Most people recognize that he was not talking about money, but he was talking about certain human rights that should be granted to all U.S. citizens. Discuss at least two of those rights and comment on the extent to which you believe those rights have been provided for citizens of color in today’s America. Provide reasons and examples to support your view.

Most people who have heard or read this speech agree that it is eloquent, passionate, and persuasive. Could a moral relativist have been as eloquent and persuasive? Provide a rationale for your views.

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