The Second Amendment: to protect an individual’s right to own guns

D5: Was the Second Amendment Designed to Protect an Individual’s Right to Own Guns?

Write a paragraph or two in which you articulate both author’s positions and which of the authors you think makes the better argument. In addition, state what your opinion on the issue is and why.

To receive full credit for this discuss you must include an assessment of both TS authors, you must state your own opinion and you must critically comment on to at least 2 other students posts.

students essays that you must respond to…

“For the “Yes” argument, Robert E. Shalhope argues that the Second Amendment was designed to protect an individual’s right to own guns. Shalhope argues that the Republican philosophy that dominated the culture of 18th century America emphasized the idea of personal liberties which includes gun ownership. Shalhope also includes statements from several states that mention the individuals right to possess arms as well as the right to maintain a militia, arguing that they differentiated the two. For the “No” argument, Lawrence Delbert Cress puts heavy emphasis on the idea of trained citizens being part of a well-equipped militia. Cress argues that the militia is responsible for upholding the personal liberties of the citizens and that the constitution defends the right to have an armed militia. Cress also brings up Virginia’s proposed amendments and points out that there were “no concern about an individual citizen’s access to weapons”, but instead focused on a disciplined group of citizens to be the defense of the state. I believe Robert E. Shalhope makes the better argument. Shalhope relates the dominating republican sentiment that was prominent at the time to the need of the individual right to own guns. He also includes several statements that showed they considered the individual when it came to gun ownership. Shalhope also makes it clear that he is arguing about the origins of the amendment and not the modern need for it. I do believe the Second Amendment was designed to protect an individual’s right to own guns as it was specifically mentioned in the language of it. Also, the strong Republican sentiment at the time makes it more likely that the citizens and Founding Father cared deeply about their individual rights. No matter my opinion on modern weapons and the “gun control” debate, I believe the Founding Fathers did intend to protect the individual’s right to own guns. ” – Nareg Haladjian

“According to Robert Shallop who was arguing that yes the second amendment was designed to protect an individual’s right to own guns, the right to have guns came in order to maintain freedom an liberty in a non democratic society fulfilling their responsibilities. On the other hand, according to Lawrence Delbert Cress who was arguing the opposite where the only reason where guns were allowed was for trained individuals to protect its individuals. I personally believe that that it was written for our protection rather than letting individuals be armed themselves. The reasoning behind my decision is that the amendments are written to protect their individuals and not give them useless rights to do anything they please. “- Shida Delgosha

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