Thinking Critically About Cross Cultural Psychology

Submit a 2- to 3-page paper that includes the following components. Be sure to reference the Learning Resources, including the media, in your Assignment. When providing examples, describe people and situations from outside of your own family.

  • Describe the attitudes, behaviors, and symbols that define your culture. (Be sure you address your larger cultural setting and not your family.)
  • Explain whether your culture is more traditional or nontraditional, and provide examples to illustrate your thinking.
  • Diagnose the power distance level in your culture and provide examples to explain your thinking.
  • Explain your culture’s uncertainty orientation and provide examples to illustrate your thinking.
  • Assess where your culture falls on the individualism-to-collectivism spectrum, and provide examples to illustrate your thinking.
  • Identify one or more cultural syndromes that are characteristic of your culture and provide an example for eachcultural syndrome to support your thinking.
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