Ticket Seller Phase

This assignment contains elements that you have learned over the past few weeks, including:

  • An event planning document outlining objects, triggers, and events that will be used to drive the application.
  • Designing well-written and readable programs using a disciplined coding style, including documentation and indentation standards.
  • Demonstrating how to implement logic involving sequence, selection, and repetition using Visual Basic.
  • Creating useful and well-designed programs that use subroutines, functions, menus, dialog boxes, and other related form objects to solve practical business problems.

This is the second of a two (2) phase assignment. You must submit both parts as separate files for the completion of this assignment. Remember, you are only to demonstrate the menu function and not create a major database to track sales.

Ticket Seller is a new startup ticketing company. It has contracted you to develop a Visual Basic system to sell and print tickets for your local basketball arena. The system will provide sales in a Microsoft Windows environment at the ticket office. Management will use your program as a prototype for a future global ticket system. Create your own sample data for the designs. Use your creativity in this design.

The second part of the assignment is the coding phase (see Part II below). This is the actual Visual Basic code to complete the actions defined in the event planning document. For this part of the assignment, you will turn in six (6) screen shots and a copy of all the code created to implement this ticket system.

Part II: Coding Phase

The next step in the process is to take the design you created in the last phase and implement it into Visual Basic. First create the forms and drop the objects into the form. Next write the code behind the scenes to create the menus. Remember, you are only to demonstrate the menu function and not create a major database to track sales.

Create a Windows application to demonstrate the menu flow, include the following elements:

  1. Create a main menu system for the:
    1. setup game / ticket menu.
    2. sell tickets menu.
    3. reporting menu.
  2. Create a setup subsystem to enter:
    1. games.
    2. dates.
    3. prices.
    4. seats.
  3. Create a sell subsystem to:
    1. display available tickets.
    2. sell tickets and take them out of the available ticket pool.
    3. keep track of the total sales.
    4. provide a group discount (10 or more tickets for 1 transaction – 10% off).
  4. Business requires two (2) new screen reports to be generated from the ticketing system. The first screen report shows the daily activity, which shows the number of tickets sold and revenue generated. The second screen report is weekly results. It has the total tickets sold, the total revenue generated, and tickets available for sale. Create a report subsystem for daily and weekly sales.
  5. Provide a total of six (6) screen shots, one (1) for each screen including setup screen menu, main menu, sell screen, report screen menu, daily report screen, and weekly report screen.
  6. Provide the Visual Basic code for the entire subsystem.
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