Treatment Plan Assignment

Job: Forensic Psychologist

Intake: Discuss any relevant demographic and/or personality characteristics that your field might draw someone to your field of interest. Cite at least one-scholarly source to support your findings. Choose three in-take interview questions found in the Liptak handout uploaded under the “Career Counseling Intake Interview Module” and write how you think a person with your dream or goal job would answer them. At least 1 page here-maximum 2 pages

Career Theory: Which career theory best conceptualizes the career development of professionals in your desired field? 1 page

Formal Assessments: Generate a list of at least 3 assessment tools that might best serve professionals in your desired profession. Imagine a professional in your field came for career counseling, what assessments might best help them? List the assessment as well as why you believe it could be beneficial to someone who is exploring and/or who is in your desired profession. 2-3 pages.

Treatment: Review the literature concerning career in your desired profession. What career barriers might emerge for professionals in this field? What mental health risks are present? How does the literature suggest overcoming these barriers and minimizing any mental health risks? At least three scholarly articles referenced in this section. 2-3pages

General Outline

APA Cover Page

Introductory Paragraph

Intake & Demographics of Professionals in this field (1-2pg)

Career theory application (1pg)

Formal Assessments (2-3pg)

Treatment Literature Review (2-3pg)

Partner Discussion (1pg)

Summary of Learning/Personal Reflection (1pg)

Reference Page

Grading Rubric for Assignment

Content Areas 80/80

A. Intro- 5/5

B. Intake Question Discussion 15/15

C. Theory Application 10/10

-Demonstrates critical thinking by integrating career theory with chose field.

D. Formal Assessments15/15

E. Treatment Literature Review 15/15

F. Partner Discussion 10/10

G. Summary of Leading/Personal Reflections 10/10

Writing & APA 20/20

A. Professional Writing/Grammar 10/10

B. Follows Directions 5/5

C. APA 5/5

Total paper length: 8-12 pages.

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