Trig Discussion Board


Create a right triangle using a number between 1 and 89.9 degrees as the acute angle and pick a side length, then respond to peers to find one of the other sides of their right triangle.

Video Review:

  • Review the Khan Academy video using trigonometry to solve for the lengths of the sides of a right triangle given one of the non-right angles:


  1. For your first post, create a right triangle using a number between 1 and 89.9 degrees as your acute angle and a side length.
    1. Select the angle yourself or use a random number generator.
      • Please do not duplicate numbers.
    2. Please post your triangle early so that other students will have enough time to reply to your post. I may post a few extra triangles so that everyone has enough time to make their additional two posts.
  2. Put your angle in your subject line.
  3. Sketch and post a picture of your triangle (you can use paint or draw it by hand and take a picture of it) with the selected angle labeled .
    1. Use right triangle trigonometry to find the side opposite of your angle, call it x. 
      For example, if my angle was 17 degrees, my triangle would look like this (It doesn’t have to be perfectly drawn to scale). 
  4. For your second and third posts, reply to two different students’ posts and find one of the other sides (you may consider using the laws of sines and cosines)
  5. If you are the last to post on a triangle, use the Pythagorean Theorem to show that all three sides are the correct numbers.


  6. Please try to have one of your replies be the first reply and one of your replies be the last reply so that you can practice everything.
  7. Each of your posts must include all your work and at least two sentences explaining how you found your answer.

Discussion Criteria:

  • You will need to post three times following the instructions above.
  • Show your work and provide explanations.
  • Do not duplicate work.

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