Two discussion questions Tangible benefits and PM culture, management homework help

Chapter Six in the textbook describes four “tangible benefits” of using project management; these are:

  • Lower Cost
  •  Shortened schedules
  •  No sacrifice of scope or quality
  •  Higher customer satisfaction

Choose one of these four benefits and describe why it is mandatory to have strong project management techniques in the organization to reach the benefit.
Use examples from the Forbes article “ diagnosis: The Government Broke Every Rule of Project Management” to analyze how firm project management practices could have assisted in the development and launch of Respond to at least two of your classmates’ posts.


PM Culture

An organization needs to have project management built into its culture to be effective.  Evaluate the maturity of the project management culture in your organization and describe improvements that can be implemented based on your text readings.  If you feel your organization does not yet have a project management culture explain why and suggest improvements that could be accomplished.  Respond to at least two of your fellow classmates’ postings.

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