Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts Answer Each Item by Supplying the Appropriate Type of Variable, Homework Help

Understanding Business Research Terms and Concepts: Part 1

(8 Questions Total)

Fill in the twelve (12) blanks with the term independent variable, dependent variable, or moderating variable as appropriate.

1.  In experimental research, this variable is expected to be affected by the treatment. __________

2.  The (           ) should not precede the (                   ) in a research study.

3.  This variable may not be specifically studied in an experiment but it is included because it might contribute to the causal relationship being researched.


4.  This variable is the measured outcome in an experiment. ____________

5.  Higher pay (__________) are expected to boost morale (__________) especially among senior employees (___________).

6.  XYZ Inc. is interested in determining if their new product packaging improves product sales.  What type of variable is product packaging? _______________

7.  In an experiment the variable temperature is set at 1000, 3500, and 5000. Temperature is this kind of variable ________________

8.  This term is synonymous with “Predictor Variable” (_____________) and this term is synonymous with “Criterion Variable” (______________).

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