Unit 1 Impact of Technology

InstructionsDevelop: Reflection EssayEvaluation Title: Impact of TechnologyPlease write a reflective page essay. In your essay, draw upon the Unit 1 reading material to answer the following questions:What is “technology?”What specific technological advancement(s) have impacted human beings?Do you think the impact of technology on human beings has been generally positive OR do you think the impact of technology on human beings has been generally negative?Be sure to explain your reasoning.RequirementsWrite a 2-3-page essay*Essay Content:Introductory paragraph: Brief problem statement (1-sentence), thesis question, thesis statement.Body paragraphs that answer the above questions AND support your thesis statement.Concluding paragraph that summarizes your paperAPA formatted in-text citations (Links to an external site.)to support all factual claims.APA formatted reference page (Links to an external site.)*Title page is NOT included in the final page count. Thus, if you write a 3-page paper, you will submit a total of 4 pages that includes the title page.

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