Unit 3 How Can Social Media Stop Being a Self Esteem Issue for Teens Paper

Worth: 25% course grade Draft Due: TBA

Length: 8+ pages Final Draft Due: Mon. 5/13 see Canvas

Background info:

For our final essay, you’ll write a proposal argument. We’ll continue to adhere to the conventions of academic writing that we discussed in unit 3, and we’ll continue to develop research strategies and skills. You may use a variation of your Unit 3 topic—in fact, you are encouraged to do so. You are welcome to switch topics—as long as your topic is relevant to our HCC community (or neighboring areas) in some way.

Assignment Details:
What you need to do:

Find an issue. Research a problem or need that arises from that issue. Construct an argument that explains why that problem matters and proposes a (feasible, implementable) solution to your audience—some part of the HCC community. To do this effectively, you must:

1. Identify a problem that is meaningful (or you make meaningful) to your audiences (a “general” educated audience + our HCC community—Howard County, Baltimore, HCC students with children, etc.—that can be persuaded to act)

2. Prove that the problem is serious and worth addressing (with research)

a. You will likely use a causal argument + factual argument to show this

b. You may want to incorporate evaluation or definition arguments. See me if you’d like to brainstorm this.

3. Provide a specific, feasible, and realistic solution

a. This solution must address the problem, and it must be something readers can act on

b. You may present multiple steps

c. You must go beyond raising awareness as a solution

d. Consider: Address why other solutions have failed

4. Give reasons to explain why your solution is valid (using research)

5. Engage and persuade your audience

a. Be credible; appeal to readers emotionally and logically; use research to find evidence and examples; use at least one effective visual

b. Remember your genre: an academic argument appeals to reason first and is grounded in research

6. Present your solution in a formal, MLA-formatted, thoroughly researched academic argument with a complete, accurate, and polished Works Cited Page

What you should keep in mind:
Draw from unit 3, but don’t be married to it. If you’re using the same topic from Unit 3, you need to incorporate new sources into your research to explain and defend your solution – you may also focus on different factors (causes/effects) and therefore need more sources to explore those. (If you’re changing topics, see me.)

Also note: You do not have to “solve” the problem—instead, consider this goal: you want to find an issue that needs to be addressed + show your readers a reasonable, feasible way to act on addressing it. You may use one visual (counted toward page length) that is no larger that ⅓ page and has a label/caption.

Your Rhetorical Situation:

Purpose: to convince readers that your problem is serious and that your solution is valid, implementable; to persuade them to act

Audience: _________________

Genre: an “academic” argument


Remember everything we’ve already discussed about effective paragraphs—it’s your job to guide your reader through your argument. You will need transitional phrases and/or headings even though this is a more formal assignment. See examples of headings in our textbook (295 and 396).

A Passing Essay Will Include/Meet These Requirements:

a unique and interesting title

an introduction section that informs and engages readers

a clearly stated thesis that indicates the problem and the proposed solution

distinct paragraphs that support your thesis by developing relevant main points with evidence

clear synthesis of your research—paragraphs that draw from multiple sources

8+ sources that support your claim and build your argument

o One of these may be a visual

o All sources must be credible—be careful if you cite content from websites

a formal, balanced tone

appropriate transitional words and phrases linking the ideas expressed in your sentences and paragraphs

a suitable conclusion

properly-formatted, parenthetical citations and/or signal phrases with source material

o a blend of paraphrases and quotes

o clear link between source material and Works Cited page

MLA: properly-formatted essay and Works Cited page

8+ pages

specific intended audience listed under your name on the first page

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